3 Reasons Why You Should Try Out CarbonKlean

Do you own a cell phone? How about a tablet? Everyone owns a laptop (or some form of computer), right? Do you prefer glasses over contacts (assuming you need them, that is)?

If so, then it is important to protect these investments at all costs, and that is where CarbonKlean comes into play.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Try Out CarbonKlean

  • Your Life Will Be Filled With Less Bacteria
  • Your Technological Devices/Glasses Will Be Clear — To Say The Least
  • Said Technological Devices/Glasses Won’t Be Damaged During Cleaning

Your Life Will Be Filled With Less Bacteria

Why should you try out CarbonKlean? Well, if you own a phone, tablet or laptop, CarbonKlean can help to eliminate the bacteria, which could lead to you getting sick less (and everyone around you, for that matter).

Whether you want to believe it or not, technological devices, such as your phone, are crawling with bacteria. This might sound gross, but here it goes anyway: Your smartphone could be more dirty than a toilet seat!

Even if you do clean off your phone, laptop or tablet screen on a regular basis, you need to ask yourself this question: Am I simply getting off the smudges and fingerprints, or am I doing that and killing bacteria?

CarbonKlean can help with both of those problems.


Your Technological Devices/Glasses Will Be Clear — To Say The Least

Being able to see out of your glasses is a must. After all, if fingerprints, smudges or whatever it might be are blocking your vision, then said vision is, of course, going to take a hit. When this problem arises for most people, they simply clean their lenses with their shirts, paper towels or another material that wasn’t specifically designed for cleaning eyeglass lenses. The problem? These types of materials simply don’t do the job, and you can end up cleaning away for days.

Not only does CarbonKlean provide the best option for your lenses (enter Peeps) when it comes to cleaning but it also provides the best option for your phone, tablet and laptop!

“Designed specifically for cleaning eyeglasses, sunglasses, and reading glasses, Peeps uses our unique invisible carbon cleaning compound to safely and easily clean your glasses from oily fingerprint smudges to dust and facial oils.”

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Said Technological Devices/Glasses Won’t Be Damaged During Cleaning

The last thing you want is to scratch your lenses or phone screen, right? Well, believe it or not, those shirts, paper towels and other materials we were talking about early could actually damage your lenses/screens.

Luckily, CarbonKlean is here to save the day.

Seriously, cleaning your glasses with your shirt can lead to your lenses scratching! We understand you went into the cleaning process with good intentions, but you could still end up causing more harm than good.

CarbonKlean is not only the best option when it comes to cleaning but it is the safest option as well.

Final words: “Not only does our technology clean your screens better than anything else, it also contains an all-natural antibacterial which kills bacteria while the Carbon cleans.”

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If there is one flaw in the late Steve Jobs’ vision of a post-PC era, it’s that the iPad and other tablet screens get disgusting and smeary after a few minutes’ use. Apart from retreating to styluses, which are anathema to modern tabletry, there’s nothing anybody can do about it. The human finger leaves a trail like a snail’s; that’s the way it is. And, as with spectacles, once you get obsessed with cleaning an iPad screen, it’s impossible for it to be too spotless – even though it’s a Sisyphean task, because as soon as you’ve degreased, you immediately start messing your screen up again.

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