3 Things That Can Help Pull You Away From Your Smartphone Throughout The Day

We love smartphones just as much as the next person, but there comes a time and place when we need to disconnect from our phones. After all, it’s not healthy to be on your smartphone from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep.

In hopes of helping you disconnect from your phone throughout the day (of course, you likely aren’t playing on your phone all day at work, or we at least hope that’s not the case), we are about to drop three tricks that you have to add to your trick bag immediately.

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3 Things That Can Help Pull You Away From Your Smartphone Throughout The Day

  • Working On A Passion Project
  • Reading, Or Learning Of Any Form
  • Dropping The Phone Act When You Are With Other People

1. Working On A Passion Project: Not only will this be more fulfilling than checking your social media accounts, but it is the perfect way to get away from your phone. If you want to become the person you were meant to be, and live the most fulfilling life in the process, then you have to make a go at your dreams. Part of that is working on a passion project, and it beats playing around on your phone every single time!

2. Reading, Or Learning Of Any Form: Reading is the perfect way to escape/disconnect from work, and it can also be very relaxing, and entertaining. Not only that, but it is a great way to continue your learning. If you aren’t a fan of novels, then that is okay as well, because you can learn in other ways. You know, like reading articles, learning about your profession/industry, going to conferences, etc. Reading/learning will help you grow as a person. The same thing can’t exactly be said about playing on your phone all day.


3. Dropping The Phone Act When You Are With Other People: If you want to get the most out of every conversation and relationship, then you will put your phone on silent when you are with people. Not only will the people you are with completely appreciate it but you also won’t have to ask ‘what did you say’ every five minutes as a result of focusing on your phone instead of the person/people you are with. It’s common courtesy, really.

Smartphones are amazing in every way imaginable, but people can stand to be on their phones less. Hopefully the three techniques above will help you achieve that mini-feat.

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