The Benefits Of Having Your Work Email On Your Phone

In this day and age, cell phones literally have everything on them. Therefore, they are basically like mini-computers that we can stick in our pockets. They really are glorious technological devices in every sense of the word.

With that said, more and more people are becoming addicted to their phones. They are constantly checking them … even if they aren’t ringing/vibrating. There are, of course, benefits and disadvantages behind this phenomenon. However, for the purposes of this article, we are going to look at the benefits.

To be more specific, we will be looking at the benefits of having your work email on your cell phone. And no, we do not simply mean being able to log in online and having access to your emails in that fashion. Instead, we mean actually downloading apps or syncing your emails to your phone.

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The Benefits Of Having Your Work Email On Your Phone

  • You Can Always Stay Connected With Work
  • You Can Get Notifications Rather Than Having To Sign In
  • You Can Essentially Work Anywhere And At Any Time

You Can Always Stay Connected With Work

If you have your work email on your cell phone, then you can always stay connected with work. This is huge if something major pops up or if you just want to stay informed at all hours of the day. This is perfect for the traveler or a person who works in a profession that requires him/her to leave the office frequently.Email

If your job requires you to respond to emails early and often, then having your work email on your phone might be a requirement.

Above all else, adding your work email on your phone makes it rather easy to stay connected. Not to mention, you will never have to worry if your boss is trying to get a hold of you via email or not, because if said boss did email you, then you will receive a notification saying you got an email.

You Can Get Notifications Rather Than Having To Sign In

Sure, you don’t have to download the Gmail app or sync email services to your phone, but if you do have to stay connected with work 24/7, then you are going to have to sign in over and over again. This can get rather annoying if you are having to log into mobile website after mobile website.

Of course, you can take the easy route by setting up notifications instead, which can easily be achieved if you download an email app on your phone. From there, you set up notifications/alerts, and then you will be notified/alerted every single time you get an email.

This is way less stressful than logging into a website over and over again. Not to mention, and once again, you will never have to worry if your boss is trying to get a hold of you or not, because your phone will literally notify you when your boss is trying to email you. Of course, the same thing goes with customers and/or fellow employees trying to reach you.

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You Can Essentially Work Anywhere And At Any Time

More and more people are starting to work remote. If you are a fan of the remote setting, then you can thank technology for this work lifestyle, if you will. If it weren’t for technology, then you wouldn’t be able to stay connected with your employer outside of the office, which likely means remote jobs wouldn’t exist in general.

EmailNow that people can stay connected with their work at all times of the day — and from anywhere, might we add — remote jobs are becoming more and more common. Thanks to simple concepts such as having your email accounts on your phone, you can essentially work anywhere in the country/world — and at any time of the day.

Smartphones alone are making work life that much easier when people find themselves doing work outside of the office.

Bonus Round

If you use Gmail as your email service, then you can also download the Gchat app, and then you can really stay connected with your employees, employer or whoever it might be. After all, Gchat is a messaging system that you can download right on your phone, and it can also alert you when someone tries to contact you.

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