3 Things That Can Help Pull You Away From Your Smartphone Throughout The Day

3 Ways To Disconnect From Your Smartphone Throughout The Day

Let’s face it: Technology is getting more and more awesome, and people are becoming addicted to their smartphones as a result. Everyone could stand to be on their phones less, which is why we will be dropping three ways to disconnect from your smartphone throughout the day. There’s a time and place for everything, and …Read More

3 Reasons Why An iPad Is The Perfect Travel Companion

iPads are light, sleek and, in a sense, the ultimate technological device. Not only that, but they are the perfect travel companion when it comes to technological devices. Don’t believe us? Just check out the three reasons below. RELATED: 5 CarbonKlean Articles That Every Smartphone Owner Needs To Read. Own a smartphone? Then you have …Read More

5 CarbonKlean Articles That Every Smartphone Owner Needs To Read

You might already know this and you might not: Smartphones are crawling with bacteria. Why is this a problem? Well, for starters, an overwhelming amount of bacteria could lead to you getting sick. This might come as a huge shocker to some, but your smartphone could be more dirty than a toilet seat. Reminder: People …Read More

Why Laptop Owners Should Try Out CarbonKlean

Your laptop, your precious, precious laptop, is invaluable in every way imaginable. After all, your entire life, in a sense, is on it. All of your photos are likely on it, your work is likely on it, your passwords, budgets — everything. As a result, you should be taking care of your laptop — and …Read More

This Infographic Will Teach You How Glasses Actually Work

So many people wear glasses, but do you actually know how eyeglasses work? Yes, we all know glasses help to enhance your vision, but how do they actually work? While so many people go through the motions in terms of finding a fix (such as contacts and glasses for non-perfect vision) in the sense that …Read More

Get The Most Out Of Your Sleep Schedule With Your Phone

Typically, you shouldn’t be playing on your phone in bed right before you are about to go to sleep. Why? Well, because your phone (that bright, bright screen) is not a stimulus for sleep. However, today we are about to jump to the other side of the argument, and explain how you can get the …Read More

3 Reasons Why Glasses Owners Should Try Out CarbonKlean

If you own glasses, then you likely deal with some of the pains and struggles that glasses tend to bring to the table. For instance, if it rains outside, your eyeglass lenses — which do not have wipers on them like cars — will be blurred by the water. Not to mention, simply touching the …Read More

3 Reasons Why You Should Try Out CarbonKlean

Do you own a cell phone? How about a tablet? Everyone owns a laptop (or some form of computer), right? Do you prefer glasses over contacts (assuming you need them, that is)? If so, then it is important to protect these investments at all costs, and that is where CarbonKlean comes into play. RELATED: Times …Read More

Times When Your Smartphone Comes Up In The Clutch

Cell phones are glorious technological devices. They truly are one of the best inventions on the face of the planet, yet here we are, taking them for granted every single day. If it weren’t for our smartphones, we wouldn’t be able to get out of binds as easily, and we wouldn’t essentially have a mini-computer …Read More

3 Essentials When It Comes To Protecting Your Smartphone

How do you go about protecting your smartphone? Are you one of those people who thinks you won’t drop it, so you leave it unprotected as a result? Or perhaps you’re one of those people who knows how hard you are on your phone, you know accidents happen, and you prepare for this by buying …Read More

If You Are Tired Of A Bulky Case, Buy A Smartphone Grip Instead

There are not many things better than opening up the box to a brand-new smartphone — you know, the one everyone has been raging about. Well, you open the box, and your new phone looks glorious in every way imaginable — it’s flawless. But then, right before you can even get your hands acquainted with …Read More

2 Products That Will Make Your Technological Devices Shine

Do you own a tablet, laptop or smartphone? Perhaps you own all three. Whether you have added them all to your technological collection or simply own one, it’s important to take care of these wonderful devices. Luckily, CarbonKlean has two products (among others) that will make your technological devices shine! You might already know this, …Read More

Why Sleeping Next To Your Smartphone Is A Horrible Idea

If you are like so many other smartphone users, then you sleep next to your phone at night. Sure, this can be a good thing for a couple of different reasons, but today, and for the purposes of this article, we will be unleashing why you shouldn’t sleep next to your smartphone at night. In …Read More

Should You Sleep Next To Your Phone At Night?

If you are like so many other people on this planet (and it is 100 percent okay if you are), then you sleep next to your phone at night. You might do this because you use your phone as an alarm clock, or you might do this because you always have to have your phone …Read More

Are You Tired Of Smudges And Fingerprints On Your Glasses?

If you own a pair of glasses, then there is probably one thing that irritates you more than anything else — well, when it comes to your glasses, that is. Let’s see if you can relate. You notice your lenses are dirty, so you take them off and clean them with your shirt. You put …Read More

Are You Tired Of Smudges And Fingerprints On Your Smartphone Screen?

Smartphones are amazing. Not only do they provide plenty of entertainment, but they also, in a sense, hold the answers to everything. After all, they are basically mini-computers that we can fit into our pockets. As a result, we expect nothing but the best from our smartphones, and we should treat them like royalty. Unfortunately, …Read More

Why Using Your Shirt To Clean Your Eyeglass Lenses Is A Terrible Idea

We have all done it before. Whether it is sunglasses, reading glasses or traditional glasses, we have all been in a bind before. The lenses have an annoying fingerprint, smudge or something along those lines on it. People don’t typically carry a cloth/utensil with them that was actually made for cleaning eyeglass lenses, although they …Read More