How To Properly Take Care Of Your Phone At The Beach

While beach season has come and gone for the year 2016, that does not mean you aren’t going to venture to the beach during the colder months, especially if you live in a place like California or Hawaii. Even if you do live in a place where snow tends to take over during the winter …Read More

Bacteria Facts – There is a Lot of Bacteria Out There

Wow! That sounds a bit disturbing. Are you keeping your technology clean? If not, you should pick up some ScreenKlean™ today. The best way to clean fingerprints and remove oils on your technological devices is with CarbonKlean™! It cleans fingerprints and removes oils easily using our exclusive molecular based technology, Invisible Carbon cleaning compound. It …Read More

What You Should Do If You Get Water On Your Phone

Your day is going along smoothly, everything is looking up for you and then the worst possible thing happens… You spill water on your phone. You immediately panic because everything is saved on your phone. Contacts, work-related things, games, apps — you name it. Is there a way to save your phone from this nightmare? …Read More

Bacteria Facts – Where is Your Phone Right Now?

Or you could clean your phone with CarbonKlean SmartKlear™. That seems like a better option. The best way to clean fingerprints and remove oils on all Touch Screen Phones and other handheld smart screens! Cleans fingerprints and remove oils easily using our exclusive molecular based technology, Invisible Carbon cleaning compound. Eliminates the need to carry …Read More

The Downfalls Of Cell Phone Cases

Phone cases are great in the sense that they protect cell phones, and, well, that is really all they are good for. Okay, so some cell phone cases have some significant value, there are some cases that look cool, there are some cases that make a phone practically indestructible (OtterBox, anyone?) and there are also …Read More

The No. 1 Way To Protect Your Eyes

There are many ways to protect your eyes. For example, you can go to the eye doctor on a yearly basis. Going to the eye doctor regularly can help keep your eyes healthy and happy, and is also important when it comes to preventing further or future harm. You can also wear safety glasses or …Read More

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How Quick and Easy is Smart Klear?

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Having A Clean Cell Phone Is Crucial If You Are A Teacher

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How To Protect Your Laptop From Harm’s Way

Laptops are quite the investment, and depending what your profession is, they can make you a lot of money. For example, if you are a writer, then a laptop is your instrument, if you will. Without it, you can’t make music (aka write and produce content). Did you know that a new MacBook Pro will …Read More

5 Things You Can Do On Your Phone When You Are On A Plane

Being on a plane could be a long and grueling process … well, if you make it that way, that is. Sure, four-hour plane rides seem to go on forever, but as long as you have your trusty sidekick on you, which is your phone, of course, then said four-hour plane rides will be a …Read More

5 Basic Yet Useful Things On Your Smartphone

Do you remember what life used to be like when you didn’t have a smartphone? Heck, do you remember life without a cell phone? Although face-to-face communication might have been more popular during that time (or that is at least what the naysayers would claim), smartphones make life so much easier — and better. Unfortunately, …Read More

The Ultimate Do’s And Don’ts When It Comes To Sunglasses

Just like with anything in life, there are do’s and don’ts when it comes to wearing sunglasses. Heck, when you don’t follow proper sunglasses etiquette, you could come off as rude, but more about that later. There are just certain things you should do when it comes to sunglasses, and there are certain things you …Read More

3 Keys To Protecting Your Sunglasses

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Basic Yet Effective Ways To Keep Your Phone Protected

While phone companies are coming out with plans that allow customers to upgrade their cell phones rather frequently, that does not take away from the fact that smartphones are still a huge investment. After all, there are many smartphones that have the same retail price as a computer. Don’t believe us? Well, let’s look at …Read More

Things We Take For Granted When It Comes To Our Glasses

We, as people, take a lot for granted. We take water for granted, we take health for granted. Heck, we even take our glasses for granted. In reality, we should be singing all of their praises. For the purposes of this article, though, we will focus in on glasses, and things we take for granted …Read More

5 Things We Take For Granted When It Comes To Our Smartphones

As humans, we take so much for granted. It’s only natural. One of the many things we take for granted is our smartphones, and everything they have to offer. Sure, we take care of these technological devices for the first couple of weeks (maybe even the first couple of months), but that period tends to …Read More

Why You Need To Protect Your Cell Phone From Harm’s Way

When people first buy a cell phone, they treat it like royalty. They clean the screen all the time, they put a case on it, they are extra careful when it comes to dropping it and the list of great habits could go on and on. Over time, people stop treating their phones like royalty. …Read More