Whether you are an optometric/vision practice, retail mobile, mobile repair store, pharmacy, or even a business looking for a great product to provide to perspective customers at an event, CarbonKlean is here to help you.

Through our Peeps optical cleaners we are providing the best optical lens cleaners on the planet to medical, laboratory and retail locations throughout the world. With our screen cleaning products, SmartKlear, ScreenKlean and LapTop Pro with replacement pads we provide your customers with a cleaning system like no other.

Let us help your practice, store, lab or company a way to create a revenue stream from a cleaning product unheard of anywhere else. Let’s put your brand on the best cleaning products in the world.

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If there is one flaw in the late Steve Jobs’ vision of a post-PC era, it’s that the iPad and other tablet screens get disgusting and smeary after a few minutes’ use. Apart from retreating to styluses, which are anathema to modern tabletry, there’s nothing anybody can do about it. The human finger leaves a trail like a snail’s; that’s the way it is. And, as with spectacles, once you get obsessed with cleaning an iPad screen, it’s impossible for it to be too spotless – even though it’s a Sisyphean task, because as soon as you’ve degreased, you immediately start messing your screen up again.