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Are you tired of putting great amounts of efforts into fundraising for your schools and organizations, only to lose the majority of what you’ve collected to the fundraising program you’ve chosen to work with? Have they told you a 50/50 profit split is the way to go? Because it’s not. We can and will do better than that.

Our primary goal with the fundraising program we’ve developed at CarbonKlean is to do the right thing for the kids in our communities. With that in mind we have developed what we believe to be one of the most unique and high potential fundraising programs for school parent-teacher organizations, sports boosters, church and non-profit children’s organizations in the United States.

We have worked hard to develop a process that is a win-win for our customers and most of all for kids. Our program, simply put, keeps the profit in your hands, not ours! Our business is successful, because our products are awesome. So, we are able to provide you with our products with your branding, for your fundraisers, at the lowest price possible.

Call us and we can help you to not only determine the right product for your fundraising needs, but we’ll help you to determine the best way to get it to the public. Everyone is selling cookie dough, magazines, and products from a catalog. Be unique and offer not only something amazing, but something that has your school or organizations branding on it.

For more information call us at 1-888-615-2155 or email us at

Everyone who owns an iDevice, or any other brand of smartphone or tablet, knows how hard it is to keep the touch screen clean of fingerprints, oil, and any other “ick” that makes its way onto the screen. Instead of fighting the never-ending cleaning battle with messy sprays and cloths, why not try the SmartKlear and ScreenKlean?