This Infographic Will Teach You How Glasses Actually Work

This Infographic Will Teach You How Glasses Actually Work

So many people wear glasses, but do you actually know how eyeglasses work? Yes, we all know glasses help to enhance your vision, but how do they actually work? While so many people go through the motions in terms of finding a fix (such as contacts and glasses for non-perfect vision) in the sense that …Read More

Things We Take For Granted When It Comes To Our Glasses

We, as people, take a lot for granted. We take water for granted, we take health for granted. Heck, we even take our glasses for granted. In reality, we should be singing all of their praises. For the purposes of this article, though, we will focus in on glasses, and things we take for granted …Read More

Tips For Protecting Your Glasses At All Times Of The Day

We, as people, take things for granted. For instance, we buy awesome glasses, love them, take care of them for a month or so, and then we start taking them for granted. It’s only natural. However, it is so important to take care of your glasses at all times of the day. Your eyeglasses are …Read More

The Importance Of Protecting The Investment That Is Your Glasses

There are a lot of great investments in this world. Some people invest in stocks, others in companies. Many people invest in nice glasses. First things first, if you are having trouble seeing, you need to make an appointment with an Optometrist. And Optometrist will figure out the problem and solve all of your vision …Read More

How Not To Clean Your Eyeglasses

Believe it or not, there are some common mistakes when it comes to cleaning your eyeglasses. Some people might be wondering how they could possibly make a mistake when it comes to cleaning their glasses (outside of dropping them on the ground), but believe us, people make mistakes when it comes to this process all …Read More