The No. 1 Way To Protect Your Eyes

The No. 1 Way To Protect Your Eyes

There are many ways to protect your eyes. For example, you can go to the eye doctor on a yearly basis. Going to the eye doctor regularly can help keep your eyes healthy and happy, and is also important when it comes to preventing further or future harm. You can also wear safety glasses or …Read More

The Ultimate Do’s And Don’ts When It Comes To Sunglasses

Just like with anything in life, there are do’s and don’ts when it comes to wearing sunglasses. Heck, when you don’t follow proper sunglasses etiquette, you could come off as rude, but more about that later. There are just certain things you should do when it comes to sunglasses, and there are certain things you …Read More

3 Keys To Protecting Your Sunglasses

Are you properly protecting your sunglasses at all times of the day? If not, why? Not only do sunglasses cost a pretty penny, but they are essential when it comes to protecting your eyes from the sun. Therefore, it should be a no-brainer to protect your sunglasses, and at first you might. Over time, though, …Read More

Things We Take For Granted When It Comes To Our Glasses

We, as people, take a lot for granted. We take water for granted, we take health for granted. Heck, we even take our glasses for granted. In reality, we should be singing all of their praises. For the purposes of this article, though, we will focus in on glasses, and things we take for granted …Read More