Why Waterproof Cases Are 100 Percent Worth It


You’re having an amazing time at the beach, the weather is perfect and you are with your family and friends. Certainly, nothing could diminish this special moment for you, right?

Well, that would have been the case if you didn’t drop your phone in the water while taking a picture of your friends or family. The good news is the fact that the ocean didn’t take your phone. The bad news is the fact that your phone is destroyed thanks to water damage, and it will no longer work as a result.

If you had a waterproof case, then this disaster could have been avoided. Of course, you could have just kept your phone at home, but you wanted to capture this special moment on camera.

While waterproof cases are perfect for beach season and for when you and your friends venture to the pool, they also come in handy, well, every single day.

You see, we are constantly around liquids that could end our phones’ lives with a simple spill.

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Not to mention, waterproof cases also come in handy when you simply drop your phone on the ground. There are plenty of cases to choose from, but waterproof cases could be your best option when it comes to keeping your phone protected on water and land. Yes, they might be pricey and they might make your phone rather bulky, but if you are clumsy (aka you drop your phone quite often), or you simply don’t want to take the risk that is carrying your phone around without a case, then waterproof cases are likely your best bet. After all, they help to keep the water out and they typically can withstand the occasional drop.

Waterproof cases weren’t only designed for the ocean or the pool. They were also designed to protect your phone when you spill water on it no matter where you are. In a nutshell, they are the ultimate protector for your phone.Cases

Reminder, phones — especially nowadays — have some massive screens on them. A single drop could lead to a major crack across the screen, or even worse, your smartphone screen could shatter. Good luck trying to replace your screen for cheap if you do in fact crack it.

In summary, a waterproof case is essential if you plan on keeping your smartphone protected at all times. Considering how expensive phones are nowadays (the cheapest version of the iPhone 7 will cost you almost $700), you should treat them like royalty.

And remember, it is crucial that you are keeping your phone clean, because phones are crawling with bacteria. A simple cloth will not eliminate bacteria and it’s not like you can use soap and water on your phone. That is where CarbonKlean’s SmartKlear comes into play. It not only eliminates nasty fingerprints and smudges, but kills bacteria as well.

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