3 Essentials When It Comes To Protecting Your Smartphone

How do you go about protecting your smartphone?

Are you one of those people who thinks you won’t drop it, so you leave it unprotected as a result? Or perhaps you’re one of those people who knows how hard you are on your phone, you know accidents happen, and you prepare for this by buying a bulky case that will, in a sense, save it from every drop/fall.

Here’s the deal: Smartphones are not cheap. In fact, an iPhone 7 (you know, the latest version) starts at $649. That’s not even the Plus model! While, yes, an overwhelming amount of people are essentially renting their phones via monthly payment plans, what happens if you drop your brand-new iPhone and the screen shatters? Even worse, what happens if it is not functional whatsoever?

You are stuck with the phone, and you also have to continue to make payments on it — well, if you don’t have any form of warranty, that is. You could always get your phone fixed, but that, of course, is going to cost a pretty penny.

Instead of going through all of that trouble, you could just protect your phone from the moment you take it out of its box to the moment you trade it in for a new one. And that is where these three essentials come into play.

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3 Essentials When It Comes To Protecting Your Smartphone

  • A Case
  • A Screen Protector
  • A Phone Grip/Handle

A Case

While some cases can get up there in price, especially if you buy a case that allows you to take your phone into the water, it is typically worth every penny as long as you buy a case that is capable of protecting your phone from the daily/typical drop.Smartphone

Now, some people, of course, buy cases just for the sake of buying them — just to say they have one on their smartphone. Unfortunately, many people who take this route buy a case that leaves the entire screen unprotected, which is likely the main part you are trying to protect in the first place!

We aren’t saying you have to buy a LifeProof case or an OtterBox, but it would certainly help. If you do buy a case that only protects the back and sides, then you are still in luck…

A Screen Protector

A screen protector is perhaps the most important thing you can buy for your smartphone from a protection standpoint, especially if you buy a glass screen protector. While these bad boys won’t protect your screen from every single drop, they will certainly help.

Sometimes, the screen protector itself will take all of the impact, and it will break, but at least your actual phone screen won’t (side note: some screen protector companies allow you to replace them at will for free … as long as you pay shipping and handling).

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A Phone Grip/Handle

A phone grip? What’s a phone grip?

SmartphoneIn a nutshell, a smartphone grip acts as a grip for your phone. With phones becoming more and more sleek and slippery (case in point: the iPhone 7), they are also becoming that much tougher to hold onto without a case, and especially with one hand.

Luckily, a phone grip/handle attaches to the back of your phone, and it acts as a handle. Not only that, but it makes it possible to reach your entire screen with one hand (take that, iPhone 7 Plus, and every other freakishly big phone on the market!).

If you decide to not put a case on your smartphone (and even if you do, because a phone grip will still make it possible for you to text and take pictures with one hand), then you need to purchase a phone grip (there are plenty of different ones on the market). This product alone could eliminate you dropping your phone.

The choice is yours, but the decision is simple! Protect your smartphone with the three essentials above!

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