5 CarbonKlean Articles That Every Smartphone Owner Needs To Read


You might already know this and you might not: Smartphones are crawling with bacteria.

Why is this a problem? Well, for starters, an overwhelming amount of bacteria could lead to you getting sick. This might come as a huge shocker to some, but your smartphone could be more dirty than a toilet seat. Reminder: People are constantly touching their phones throughout the day. Some people even touch their phones while they eat.

With that in mind, we will be unleashing five articles that every smartphone owner needs to read. These articles will shed some light on smartphone users — to say the least.

5 CarbonKlean Articles That Every Smartphone Owner Needs To Read

These CarbonKlean Images Will Change The Way You Look At Your Cell Phone

“Believe it or not, you could be getting sick as a result. Yes, your cell phone — you know, the device that makes it possible for you to look up anything at any given time — could be getting you sick. Before you start taking it out on your cell phone, just remember one thing: You are the one with the dirty hands. Likewise, you are the one who doesn’t clean your cell phone on a consistent basis (if you do, then that’s awesome!).”

Why Every Smartphone Owner Needs To Use A SmartKlear

“People constantly have their phones in their hands, as they should. After all, smartphones are literally like mini-computers nowadays. You can check your email, stay connected with social media, go on any website, play games and the list of things phones have to offer in this day and age are limitless.”


Having A Clean Cell Phone Is Crucial If You Are A Teacher

“Are you a teacher? Do you have a cell phone?”

“If you answered yes to the first question, then you likely answered yes to the second question. After all, everyone has a cell phone in this day and age. Well, if you did answer yes to both questions, then you need to keep this in mind: Having a clean phone is crucial if you are a teacher. It really is.”

Are You Getting Sick From Your Phone?

“When someone is sick at the office, you try to stay as far away from them as possible. It’s only natural. After all, you don’t want to get sick, especially if you live with other people. Once one person gets sick in a home, everyone ends up getting sick.”

Proof That Your Phone Is Crawling With Bacteria — And We Have The Solution

“Your phone is crawling with bacteria — we can’t hammer that point home enough.”

“Why is this a bad thing? Well, because germs/bacteria can spread like wildfire, and before you know it, the entire office is sick. This could have been avoided if — drumroll, please — everyone would have kept their phones clean.”

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