Why Every Smartphone Owner Needs To Use A SmartKlear


People constantly have their phones in their hands, as they should. After all, smartphones are literally like mini-computers nowadays. You can check your email, stay connected with social media, go on any website, play games and the list of things phones have to offer in this day and age are limitless.

Wouldn’t it make sense to protect that investment? Wouldn’t it make sense to treat a smartphone like it is royalty, like it is a car? These bad boys aren’t cheap, but they are worth every penny.

One thing that people can do a better job of with their smartphones is keeping the screens clean. For starters, a dirty screen starts to take visibility out of the equation. Not to mention, a properly cleaned screen takes bacteria out of the picture. Considering most people have their trusty phones on them at all hours of the day, it only makes sense to eliminate nasty bacteria.

If you are in the market for keeping your screen clean, then let CarbonKlean be your one-stop shop, and make sure to purchase a SmartKlear today. With the holidays just around the corner, this also makes the perfect gift.

Why should you buy a SmartKlear for your smartphone? Well, we will give you four reasons why.

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Why Every Smartphone Owner Needs To Use A SmartKlear

  • It Can Be Used On Any Phone Screen
  • You Don’t Need To Carry Around Liquids Or Dirty Cloths
  • It Gets Rid Of The Fingerprints And Effectively Cleans Your Screen
  • A SmartKlear Actually Kills Bacteria

It Can Be Used On Any Phone ScreenSmartphone

While iPhones and Androids will likely always battle it out in the technology world, a SmartKlear will always have both types of phones covered, because a SmartKlear works on all handheld smart screens. So, it doesn’t matter if people’s smartphones are small, medium or large, because the SmartKlear will clean all of them. To perfection, might we add.

You Don’t Need To Carry Around Liquids Or Dirty Cloths

It can get pretty annoying having to carry around a liquid bottle and a dirty cloth, but many people do so anyways in hopes of having a clean screen at all times of the day. With a SmartKlear, you don’t have to worry about those unnecessary items. You just need the SmartKlear and then you are good to go.

It Gets Rid Of The Fingerprints And Effectively Cleans Your Screen

How many times have you tried to clean off your smartphone, but unwanted fingerprints and smudges were still left over? Once again, smartphones should be treated like royalty, which means fingerprints and smudges need to be 100 percent eliminated when you are actually giving your phone a metaphorical bath.

With the one-and-only SmartKlear, fingerprints are not an issue. This essential cleaning tool effectively cleans your screen thanks to CarbonKlean’s exclusive molecular based technology.

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A SmartKlear Actually Kills BacteriaSmartphone

This is the No. 1 reason why people should purchase a SmartKlear for their smartphones. The SmartKlear contains an all-natural antibacterial which kills bacteria while the Carbon cleans.

Let’s just take a second to go over why it is essential to kill bacteria on your phone. In a nutshell, we touch a lot of dirty things during the day. We take our phones to the bathroom with us, we take them shopping, cooking, over here, over there, everywhere. Our phones are always with us, and that means they collect a lot of bacteria throughout the day.

So, not only can a SmartKlear keep your smartphone clean, but it can keep you healthier as well thanks to the fact that it kills bacteria, making this the perfect gift for anyone who owns a phone!

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