The Benefits Of Using A Tablet For Reading

The Benefits Of Using A Tablet For Reading

Reading is one of those things that people need to do more of. Books are invaluable for learning, and there’s a reason why they are a big part of school, whether we are talking about elementary school, middle school, high school or college. Whether you read one book per week, month, year or whatever it …Read More

The Disadvantages Of Having Your Work Email On Your Phone

Recently, we did an article that revolved around the advantages of having your work email on your smartphone. Now, we are jumping to the other side of the argument. If you have to have your work email on your phone because it’s part of the job, then, well, it’s part of the job, and you …Read More

The Benefits Of Having Your Work Email On Your Phone

In this day and age, cell phones literally have everything on them. Therefore, they are basically like mini-computers that we can stick in our pockets. They really are glorious technological devices in every sense of the word. With that said, more and more people are becoming addicted to their phones. They are constantly checking them …Read More

Why Waterproof Cases Are 100 Percent Worth It

You’re having an amazing time at the beach, the weather is perfect and you are with your family and friends. Certainly, nothing could diminish this special moment for you, right? Well, that would have been the case if you didn’t drop your phone in the water while taking a picture of your friends or family. …Read More

Are You Getting Sick From Your Phone?

When someone is sick at the office, you try to stay as far away from them as possible. It’s only natural. After all, you don’t want to get sick, especially if you live with other people. Once one person gets sick in a home, everyone ends up getting sick. While you should steer clear of …Read More

Bacteria Facts – How Much Bacteria is There?

But the real question is, are those bacteria going to eat the necklace Rose dropped off the back of the boat? If you don’t want bacteria eating up your tech, get the CarbonKlean™ bundle. It cleans fingerprints easily using our exclusive molecular based technology, Invisible Carbon cleaning compound. It eliminates the need to carry around …Read More

Common Ways People Are Damaging Their Glasses

Do you own glasses? Do you treat them like royalty? It’s okay if you said no, because you are certainly not alone. With that said, there are plenty of ways people are damaging their eyeglasses, and we are here to point out those ways so you can avoid them at all costs. Reminder, glasses are …Read More

Tech Short – Which is Better, Email or Text?

So if you want a response, send a text, not an email. We don’t have your number, but if we did, we’d be texting you and reminding you to keep your phone clean with SmartKlear™. The best way to clean fingerprints and kill bacteria on your glasses and tech devices is with CarbonKlean™! It cleans fingerprints …Read More