Laptop Vs. Tablet: Which One Should You Bring On A Plane To Do Work?

If your job calls for a lot of travel or if you like to embark on different journeys via plane in general, then you have likely come across this question: When I am on a plane, should I be doing my work with a laptop or a tablet?

To make a long story short, you should use whichever device you are most comfortable with. However, in hopes of helping you make that decision, we will be providing you with pros and cons for both.

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Pros For Laptops

Jumping on Team Laptop, there is nothing quite like it. While phones and tablets are becoming more and more advanced, they will likely never catch up to laptops. Therefore, laptops should always remain faster, more efficient and, well, they are also easier to use.

For example, you can easily navigate from app to app or web page to web page on a laptop. Not to mention, it’s easier to write a paper, create a presentation or whatever it might be on a laptop. Plus, mobile sites — you know, the sites that your phone or tablet takes you to — tend to be a lesser version of the website. Of course, if you don’t buy WiFi on a plane, then this issue doesn’t really come into play.Laptop

Not to mention, you can’t always view everything on phones and tablets, such as a video, but that is typically not an issue on a laptop. Plus, laptops typically come with more storage, websites tend to be better and run more smoothly, and a laptop typically holds all of your work information.

It’s just easier to navigate between emails, web pages and documents on a laptop.

Cons For Laptops

The biggest con for doing work on a laptop while flying — and it is a big one — is the fact that it might be too big. Let’s face the facts: Planes aren’t the most comfortable environment and there isn’t an unlimited amount of arm space. Heck, your laptop might not even fit on the tray table in front of you, which makes things that much more awkward when trying to get work done on a plane.

Of course, laptops also weigh more than tablets, and that alone might persuade people to join Team Tablet when it comes to doing work on a plane.

Pros For Tablets

Let’s jump on Team Tablet for a bit. Tablets are becoming more and more advanced, and there are also hybrid tablets, if you will. Basically, you can now attach keyboards to tablets, which basically makes them mini-computers. This is crucial when it comes to doing work on a plane because typing becomes that much easier.

Plus, tablets tend to have a really long battery life, which is especially crucial if you are about to jump on a longer flight.

With that said, mobile apps still exist on tablets and it still might be a little tough to jump from email to document to website. However, they tend to weigh less than laptops, although there are very small laptops on the market, and they also should fit on the tray table.

Tablets were made for traveling on a plane thanks to their smaller size and weight.

Cons For Tablets

LaptopIf you don’t have a keyboard for your tablet, then doing work on it is going to be a challenge. After all, keyboards make typing easier, faster or typically more efficient, which is why laptops are, of course, ideal for working.

The biggest knock on tablets when it comes to working on a plane is the fact that they are not computers. You can still do a lot on a tablet, but a computer can do more.

Who wins the debate, one might be wondering? Well, it completely depends on the user. If you can do all of your work on a tablet and it also has a keyboard, then that might be the best route when it comes to doing work on a plane. However, if you don’t have a tablet for your keyboard or if you can’t do all of your work on it, then a laptop is probably your best option. Nonetheless, the choice is yours to make.

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