Are You Tired Of Smudges And Fingerprints On Your Glasses?

Are You Tired Of Smudges And Fingerprints On Your Glasses?

If you own a pair of glasses, then there is probably one thing that irritates you more than anything else — well, when it comes to your glasses, that is. Let’s see if you can relate. You notice your lenses are dirty, so you take them off and clean them with your shirt. You put …Read More

Are You Tired Of Smudges And Fingerprints On Your Smartphone Screen?

Smartphones are amazing. Not only do they provide plenty of entertainment, but they also, in a sense, hold the answers to everything. After all, they are basically mini-computers that we can fit into our pockets. As a result, we expect nothing but the best from our smartphones, and we should treat them like royalty. Unfortunately, …Read More

Why Using Your Shirt To Clean Your Eyeglass Lenses Is A Terrible Idea

We have all done it before. Whether it is sunglasses, reading glasses or traditional glasses, we have all been in a bind before. The lenses have an annoying fingerprint, smudge or something along those lines on it. People don’t typically carry a cloth/utensil with them that was actually made for cleaning eyeglass lenses, although they …Read More

What To Do If Your Smartphone’s Battery Is About To Die

We’ve all been there before. You know, that time when you absolutely need your smartphone but the battery just so happens to be in the red, meaning it is on the verge of dying. What do you do? Well, other than plugging in your charger, it is going to eventually die — there is no …Read More

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Smartphone’s Battery

Think of this nightmare scenario… You are about to board a plane that is scheduled to take four hours. No big deal. You plan on killing the time by listening to tunes on your smartphone and by also opening up the Kindle app and catching up on some of your favorite literature. So, you board …Read More