Are You Tired Of Smudges And Fingerprints On Your Smartphone Screen?


Smartphones are amazing. Not only do they provide plenty of entertainment, but they also, in a sense, hold the answers to everything. After all, they are basically mini-computers that we can fit into our pockets.

As a result, we expect nothing but the best from our smartphones, and we should treat them like royalty. Unfortunately, smartphones are very easy to break (a single drop can shatter most screens), and they can get dirty with a simple touch of a finger.

Therefore, we pose this question: Are you tired of smudges and fingerprints on your smartphone screen? They typical answer: Yes, of course.

Unfortunately, the more we try to clean our screens, the more we are smearing the smudges/fingerprints. The same thing is the case for eyeglass lenses. Not to mention, and this might come as a surprise to some, but the more we touch our screens, the dirtier we are making them in the bacteria department. On the flip side, the more we touch our screens, the dirtier are hands are becoming. Reminder: People tend to touch their phones over and over again throughout the day.

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Here’s the deal: You can solve both of the problems above — having a dirty phone screen and dirty hands as a result — with one product. In fact, for $14.99, you can solve all of your phone-related problems in the cleanliness department.

For $14.99, CarbonKlean’s SmartKlear can be had. One might be wondering what a SmartKlear is. Let’s break it down in further detail, shall we?

The SmartKlear is a device that cleans off the smudges and fingerprints with complete ease, and it is also a device that kills bacteria. If you think you are the exception and your phone isn’t crawling with bacteria, then give this article a read.

The SmartKlear at its finest:

The best way to clean fingerprints and kill bacteria on iPhones, Android Phones and other handheld smart screens!”

“Not only does our technology clean your screens better than anything else, it also contains an all-natural antibacterial which kills bacteria while the Carbon cleans.”

Let’s pose this question one more time: Are you tired of smudges and fingerprints on your smartphone screen? If so, then we have the simple — and best — solution.

Shirts, paper towels, napkins and soap and water (please don’t use soap and water on your phone) just won’t do the trick.

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