Why Using Your Shirt To Clean Your Eyeglass Lenses Is A Terrible Idea


We have all done it before.

Whether it is sunglasses, reading glasses or traditional glasses, we have all been in a bind before. The lenses have an annoying fingerprint, smudge or something along those lines on it. People don’t typically carry a cloth/utensil with them that was actually made for cleaning eyeglass lenses, although they should, so they use the next best thing — a shirt.

This is a major issue for so many different reasons, and you can find some of those reasons below.

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Why Using Your Shirt To Clean Your Eyeglass Lenses Is A Terrible Idea

  • First things first, because your shirt wasn’t made to clean your lenses.
  • Here’s the big one: Using your shirt can actually scratch your lenses.
  • Your shirt doesn’t always wipe away all of the smudges and/or fingerprints — it comes up rather short in that department, actually.
  • If you press hard enough on your lenses (you know, because apparently pressing as hard as humanly possible is going to fix the problem), a lens could actually pop out.
  • There is a product that is much more useful when it comes to cleaning your lenses.

If you can’t use your shirt to clean your lenses, then what should you use? Enter Peeps, an amazing product made by CarbonKlean.


Peeps is so amazing because it wipes away smudges and fingerprints with ease. The best part (as if that wasn’t the best part already)? It doesn’t damage your lenses and you don’t have to scrub away. Even better? Peeps can be had for $14.99!

Check out this link for more details. Gone are the days of using your shirt to clean your glasses.

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