This Video Will Help You Realize Just How Dirty Your Phone Really Is — And We Have The Solution


While a smartphone is basically like having a mini-computer in your pocket, there is one glaring issue with these technological devices…

They are crawling with bacteria.

To get a better idea of this issue, make sure to check out the video below, as it will definitely shed some light on you.

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Yeah, that is pretty gross. Luckily, CarbonKlean has a fix, and it comes in the form of a SmartKlear.

In a nutshell, the SmartKlear not only destroys (if you will) fingerprints and smudges with ease but it also eliminates bacteria as well.

Take it away, SmartKlear:

The best way to clean fingerprints and kill bacteria on iPhones, Android Phones and other handheld smart screens!

Cleans fingerprints easily using our exclusive molecular based technology, Invisible Carbon cleaning compound.

Eliminates the need to carry around messy liquids and dirty cloths.

Never expires!

Replaceable cleaning pad – 300 cleanings per pad

No Cloths, No Liquids!

Not affected by Heat, Cold or Humidity!

Not only does our technology clean your screens better than anything else, it also contains an all-natural antibacterial which kills bacteria while the Carbon cleans.

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