How To Get The Most Out Of Your Smartphone’s Battery


Think of this nightmare scenario…

You are about to board a plane that is scheduled to take four hours. No big deal. You plan on killing the time by listening to tunes on your smartphone and by also opening up the Kindle app and catching up on some of your favorite literature. So, you board the plane, put your headphones in and then notice your battery is low and will definitely die on the plane ride. At that point, there’s not much you can do — your smartphone’s battery is going to die.

While you can’t do anything at the present moment, there are certainly things you can do in the future to prevent this from happening again. First and foremost, you can make sure your phone is charged before you step foot on a plane. You could also learn how to make your smartphone’s battery last longer.

In the spirit of that thinking, let’s unleash some ways to make that battery last longer so you never have to deal with a dead phone, if you will, again.

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Smartphone’s Battery

  • If you can help it, don’t have so many push notifications.
  • Dim your phone’s screen. A brighter light means you are using more battery life.
  • Turn off apps that are using GPS/location services. Reminder, the less work your phone has to do, the longer the battery will last.
  • Turn off vibration mode (yes, that also kills your battery, and also disturbs a business meeting).
  • Make sure apps are not running in the background by turning that feature off. “Background App Refresh” can drain your battery and use up your data (if you aren’t on an unlimited data plan, then you’re welcome for this useful tip).
  • Turn Bluetooth and WiFi off.
  • Don’t allow your apps to update on their own — manually tackle that issue. This is a serious battery drainer if you don’t have good cell signal.
  • Keep your phone out of the heat, and make sure it doesn’t overheat in general.
  • If you are in a serious bind, then enable battery saving mode (for iPhone users, it’s called “Low Power Mode”). You could also switch to airplane mode.
  • Kill apps that aren’t in use.
  • Don’t do any major downloads while being away from a charger and/or WiFi. We understand that Apple Music (if you have an iPhone, of course) decided to delete all of your music at one point or another, but it’s probably best to wait until you get home to put all of your precious music back on your phone.


Smartphones are a big part of people’s lives, especially in this day and age. The last thing you want is living out the nightmare that is your phone running out of battery. Surely, the tips above will help you get more out of your battery in between charges.

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