The Disadvantages Of Having Your Work Email On Your Phone


Recently, we did an article that revolved around the advantages of having your work email on your smartphone. Now, we are jumping to the other side of the argument.

If you have to have your work email on your phone because it’s part of the job, then, well, it’s part of the job, and you can’t escape that fate. However, if you have the option and are wondering why you shouldn’t have your work email on your phone, then you came to the right place as we will be unleashing some disadvantages surrounding this concept.

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The Disadvantages Of Having Your Work Email On Your Phone

  • You Can Never Escape Work
  • You Might End Up Living On Your Phone

You Can Never Escape Work

While staying connected with work is nice, if you have your work email on your phone, you might not be able to escape work. After all, your boss likely knows your work email is on your phone — well, if it is required, that is — so you could actually get in trouble if you don’t respond to an email (or a messaging service like Gchat) right away.Email

It’s tough to enjoy your life outside of work if you are having to answer emails outside of the office, and that is especially the case if said emails lead to you having to do more work (such as responding to emails, working on a project or having to contact someone).

When you leave the office, the last thing you likely want to do is work, and working outside of the office is not the best course of action if you are trying to have work-life balance.

While more and more people are starting to work remote, there are some advantages and disadvantages to that. Sure, you might be able to work wherever you want, but you might also have to be available 24/7. Nonetheless, having your work email on your phone could lead to you never escaping your job.

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You Might End Up Living On Your Phone

Between social media, breaking news, staying connected with your friends via messaging and phone calls, games and all of the other beauties phones bring to the table, it’s hard to stay off of your smartphone nowadays. Add email/work into the equation and you might as well live on your phone, if you will.

Phones are becoming more and more advanced. In this day and age, they are literally computers that can fit into your pocket. This is good for the simple fact that it’s nice to have a computer whenever you need one, but bad because face-to-face interaction seems to be a thing of the past (okay, so in-person interaction will always be there for obvious reasons).

EmailYou don’t want to be that person who is constantly on his/her phone, do you? This type of person is on his/her phone at dinner, on the bus, at the movies, here, there, everywhere. Work emails coming in left and right certainly doesn’t help the cause. Believe it or not, it’s essential to disconnect from technology from time to time.

Having your work email on your phone is a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because you can stay connected with work at all times of the day. With work places getting more and more competitive, this can give you an edge. With that said, people have to have separate lives when it comes to work and home. Mixing the two up too many times could lead to a world of, well, unhappiness — no one wants to work 24/7, after all.

If you have to have your work email on your phone, then there is no way of getting around it. If you don’t, then adding the infamous work email might not be the best idea, but it’s also not the worst idea of all time. However, you might want to consider turning off notifications/alerts. The choice is yours.

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