What To Do If Your Smartphone’s Battery Is About To Die


We’ve all been there before. You know, that time when you absolutely need your smartphone but the battery just so happens to be in the red, meaning it is on the verge of dying. What do you do?

Well, other than plugging in your charger, it is going to eventually die — there is no way of getting around that destiny.

With that in mind, there are some ways to prolong your phone from dying, just in case you need to save your smartphone’s battery for a more useful time. For example, your plane might have just landed, the battery is low, but you need to “call” an Uber. In that same scenario, you might simply need to call your ride when you have landed. Nonetheless, you need your trusty sidekick during this time, and said sidekick is your phone.

So, what do you do? Other than completely changing all of the settings on your phone or getting a quick charge in (you might not have this luxury if your ride is already at the airport), there are some other last-minute things you can do.

For the purposes of this article, we will be dishing out three solutions.

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Solution No. 1: Turn The Battery Saving Mode OnBattery

Instead of having to make a bunch of changes to all of your settings, your battery saving mode should do most of that job for you. With that said, not everything will work in this mode. For example, on an iPhone, things like “Hey Siri” and background app refresh might be reduced or turned off altogether in “Low Power Mode.” Surely, you can manage for the time being.

Solution No. 2: Turn Airplane Mode On

If you are really running low on Apple juice, then turning on airplane mode is a must. Of course, you won’t have any service on your phone if you go down this route. With that said, that shouldn’t be a problem, because you shouldn’t be updating your Facebook if you are running low on battery, right? Simply turn airplane mode on when you need to conserve all of your phone’s energy, and then switch it off when you need to make a call, or whatever it might be.

Solution No. 3: Turn Your Phone Off Until You Absolutely Need It

Turning on airplane mode or putting your smartphone into a power saving mode might be the go-to moves when your battery percentage is at 15 to 20 percent, but what happens if your phone is literally on the verge of dying? How about this: Turn your phone off until you absolutely need it. With that in mind, if your phone’s battery is too low, it might not turn on as a result of dying.

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