Are You Getting Sick From Your Phone?

When someone is sick at the office, you try to stay as far away from them as possible. It’s only natural. After all, you don’t want to get sick, especially if you live with other people. Once one person gets sick in a home, everyone ends up getting sick.

While you should steer clear of someone with a fever, you might find this little tidbit interesting as well: You should steer clear of your cell phone — well, if you never clean it, that is. Why? Well, because cell phones are crawling with bacteria.

Cell phones are collecting bacteria when they are in your pocket, when they are in your purse/bag, when you take them to the bathroom with you, etc. They are constantly collecting bacteria throughout the day. The bad thing is the fact that you are not only touching your phone all day, but you are also placing it on your face.

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So, let’s pose this question: Are you getting sick from your cell phone?

Considering that it is crawling with bacteria, you certainly could be.

Just think of this scenario for a second. A very plausible scenario, might we add.


(1) Someone in your office is sick (it doesn’t have to be an office setting, it could also be at the store, in your home — anywhere).

(2) You then touch your phone, instantly spreading the bacteria.

(3) While using the restroom, you pull out your phone to check an important email (or try to beat your high score on Angry Birds).

(4) You wash your hands (hopefully), but you obviously don’t wash your phone. Not many people do, and it’s not like you can dump a bunch of soap and water on it for obvious reasons — your phone will get water damage and then likely won’t work.

(5) You go to take your lunch break, pull out your phone, grab your lunch (such as a sandwich) and then start chowing down.

Yes, your hands are clean, your food is clean, but your phone is not. This harmful bacteria from your phone (bacteria that can make you sick) is being transferred to your food and then right into your mouth. Boom! You get sick.

Needless to say, our phones are filled with bacteria, and they could be one of the many reasons why we get sick.

If you are looking for a way to properly clean your phone, then you came to the right place, and you should think about purchasing CarbonKlean’s SmartKlear.

“Not only does our technology clean your screens better than anything else, it also contains an all-natural antibacterial which kills bacteria while the Carbon cleans.”

Can your shirt kill bacteria? No, but that is where SmartKlear comes into play.

With this product, the problem that is your phone getting you sick no longer becomes an issue. Use it to your advantage, smartphone owners.

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