Tips For Protecting Your Glasses At All Times Of The Day


We, as people, take things for granted. For instance, we buy awesome glasses, love them, take care of them for a month or so, and then we start taking them for granted. It’s only natural.

However, it is so important to take care of your glasses at all times of the day. Your eyeglasses are crucial to your day because they help you see. What would you do without them? In hopes of getting the most out of your frames and lenses, here are some tips for protecting them.

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Tips For Protecting Your Glasses At All Times Of The Day

  • Don’t Have Them On When You Are Doing Something Active
  • Always Keep Them Clean
  • Actually Clean Them The Right Way
  • Use The Case That They Came With

Don’t Have Them On When You Are Doing Something ActiveGlasses

For instance, don’t have your glasses on when you are playing basketball, or any sport for that matter. Sure, you might think you are the lucky one who isn’t going to get hit in the face with a ball, but why take that risk? Protect your investment.

Always Keep Them Clean

This should go without saying, but you should always keep your glasses clean. For one, you don’t want dirty lenses blocking your vision. Also, you don’t want the dust and dirt particles scratching your lenses.

Actually Clean Them The Right Way

Taking cleaning a step further, it is crucial that you practice proper cleaning techniques. For instance, you don’t want to use your shirt to clean your glasses, and you also don’t want to try to clean them when they are dry. If you don’t follow the proper techniques for cleaning your glasses, then you could damage/scratch the lenses.

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Use The Case That They Came WithGlasses

It doesn’t seem like a whole lot of people use the case that their glasses came with. When people go to bed, they just throw their glasses on the dresser or nightstand. Instead, people should try this technique: When they aren’t using their glasses, put them in the case that they came with.

Eyeglasses might seem sturdy, but they are more fragile than you think. One careless mistake or accident could lead to them breaking, and no one wants that.

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