How Not To Clean Your Eyeglasses


Believe it or not, there are some common mistakes when it comes to cleaning your eyeglasses. Some people might be wondering how they could possibly make a mistake when it comes to cleaning their glasses (outside of dropping them on the ground), but believe us, people make mistakes when it comes to this process all of the time.

If you don’t incorporate proper cleaning techniques, then you could scratch your lenses, and no one wants that. Therefore, make sure to avoid these mistakes the next time — and every time — you clean your eyeglasses.

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How Not To Clean Your Eyeglasses

  • Using Your Shirt
  • Cleaning Them When They Are Dry
  • Using Paper Towels

Using Your ShirtEyeglasses

It is so natural to use your shirt when you are cleaning your eyeglasses, and everyone has been caught doing this at some point. After all, most people don’t carry around the right types of cloth for cleaning purposes, and your shirt is, well, it’s right there.

Depending on what your shirt is made out of, it could actually scratch your lenses, which leads to a completely new — and worse — battle.

Cleaning Them When They Are Dry

Once again, not everyone has the proper cleaning utensils on them when it comes to their eyeglasses. You might not know this, but cleaning your lenses when they are dry could actually lead to you moving the dust and other particles across your lenses, which could lead to them scratching. This, of course, defeats the purpose of cleaning them because you are creating a much bigger problem — damaged lenses.

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Using Paper TowelsEyeglasses

Paper towels are clean, so it is okay to use them on your eyeglasses. That is a myth if we have ever heard one. Paper towels, toilet paper and napkins are not okay when it comes to cleaning your glasses — well, unless you want to scratch them, that is.

There are plenty of mistakes people make when cleaning their eyeglasses. These were just three of those mistakes, and they can easily be avoided.

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