Do Not Travel Without CarbonKlean — Because Bacteria Is Literally Everywhere


Do you fancy yourself a traveler?

If so, then that’s great! However, in the spirit of keeping you healthy on your adventures, you should really think about putting CarbonKlean into your suitcase for all of your trips.

Not only does CarbonKlean help to keep your screens and glasses free of fingerprints and smudges but — and this is the really important part — it also helps to eliminate bacteria.

One might be wondering what types of screens and glasses we are talking about. How about your eyeglasses, sunglasses and/or reading glasses. How about your laptop, smartphone and tablet screens.

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I’ll be fine … is what a lot of people are likely saying to themselves. Will you be fine? Did you know your trusty smartphone could be more dirty than a toilet seat? Yes, a toilet seat!

Reminder: You place your phone on your face when you are making calls, and you also probably touch your phone while you are eating! That should disgust you, and it should lead to you making a change in a big way.


Of course, you are bound to attract an overwhelming amount of bacteria when you travel.

If you travel a lot, and even if you don’t, then it is essential to clean your technological devices. Believe it or not, the bacteria they are crawling with could make you sick.

In a nutshell, this is what CarbonKlean brings to the table:

CarbonKlean is the answer, especially if you travel all the time.

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