If You Own A Tablet, Then You Also Need To Own CarbonKlean’s ScreenKlean


Calling all tablet owners! It doesn’t matter if you own an iPad, e-book or a tablet of any kind, you need to keep your screen clean. You don’t want those fingerprints and smudges to get in the way of your gaming time, right? In hopes of having the cleanest screen on the block, you need to get your hands on CarbonKlean’s ScreenKlean.

Sure, you might use your shirt or a cloth to clean your screen because it’s right there, and it might even clear up your screen some, but there will certainly still be some smudges lurking about. That is why CarbonKlean’s ScreenKlean is the ultimate game-changer — it knocks things like fingerprints out of the park (or better yet, off of your tablet).

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Here are three golden reasons why you should buy a ScreenKlean for your tablet right away.Tablet

If You Own A Tablet, Then You Also Need To Own CarbonKlean’s ScreenKlean

  • CarbonKlean cleans tablet screens with ease.
  • You will no longer have to carry around liquids and cloths.
  • This device contains an all-natural antibacterial which kills bacteria.

Still on the fence about purchasing a ScreenKlean? Maybe this will help you get over said fence: This otherworldly product only costs $15.99. Plus, it never expires! Not to mention, this bad boy has replaceable cleaning pads, which are sold separately, and there are up to 150+ cleanings per pad.

For only $15.99, you could have the cleanest tablet out there. Not just that, but you could also knock some of the bacteria out of your life that just so happens to attach to your screen.

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