Should You Sleep Next To Your Phone At Night?


If you are like so many other people on this planet (and it is 100 percent okay if you are), then you sleep next to your phone at night.

You might do this because you use your phone as an alarm clock, or you might do this because you always have to have your phone next to you. Nonetheless, let’s pose the question we are all here for: Should you sleep next to your phone at night?

Like all things in life, it depends.

Do you typically toss and turn during the middle of the night? Are you a light sleeper? Are you constantly working/constantly on your phone?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you might want to keep your phone at a distance when you call it a night. Your cell phone is not a stimulus for sleep, and if you are on it while in bed shortly before you go to sleep, it could be the reason why you are tossing and turning. Side note: Bright lights (and technological devices with bright screens) tend to be stimulating, and they aren’t typically associated with sleep.

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If you are a light sleeper, then, well, one notification could wake you up at night. If you are involved in a group text message and happen to go to bed earlier than the rest of the world, then good luck if you don’t put your phone on silent. With that said, if you do put your phone on silent (do-not-disturb modes exist as well), then what’s the point in keeping it right next to you when you are sleeping? Maybe you use it as an alarm clock? If that is the case, then you might want to put it out of reach so you are forced to get out of bed in the morning. That alone could solve your habit of hitting the snooze button like it’s your morning job.


If you are constantly working, then you need to add some downtime to your life. One of the ways to do that? At some point, stop using technology at night, which includes your cell phone.

With all of that in mind, some people like to listen to music before they go to bed (there are apps and playlists that are designed to help you sleep, in fact), some people incorporate a do-not-disturb setting, some people don’t hit the snooze button over and over again, and some people have no problem disconnecting.

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The choice is yours, but if you have trouble sleeping at night, or deal with any of the issues mentioned above, then you might not want to sleep right next to your phone.

A simple solution: Instead of playing with your phone, computer, tablet or watching TV at night, have conversations with your roommates, whether you live with your friends or family. You can also pick up a book and do some reading, or plan out your next day.

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