The No. 1 Tip For Protecting Your Glasses


Not only are glasses quite the investment, but your vision would take a massive hit without them. Not to mention, you might have to legally wear glasses (or contacts) to drive. With that said, eyeglasses owners need to be protecting this investment at all times, which is why we are dropping the No. 1 tip for protecting your glasses.

Here it is: If you aren’t wearing your glasses, then put them in a case. It is really that simple. There are too many things that could destroy your eyeglasses when they are not in use. For example, you could drop a book (or a much heavier object) on them, someone could sit on them, someone could knock them off of a table/counter — you name it. Destruction is all around, and your eyeglasses are not indestructible. Glasses aren’t as durable as you think they are, folks.

Also, cases come in handy when you decide to wear your contacts, or when you are traveling and don’t plan on wearing them at that present moment (you can’t just throw them in a bag, right?).

If you don’t have a case, then you should invest in one. Your local eye doctor would probably be more than happy giving you one, or selling one for cheap.

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If you skip this step altogether for whatever reason, then just be very mindful of the surroundings. If kids could get to them, if they are close to an edge or if someone could sit on them, then put them in a much safer place.


Of course, you also want to keep your lenses clean, and you shouldn’t be doing that with your shirt or a paper towel. That is where CarbonKlean’s Peeps come into play. This amazing product will not only clean your lenses like no other, but it also won’t damage them. You can’t say that about every single material (you know, like your shirt or a paper towel).

Also, it’s probably not best to do physical activities, such as playing sports, with your glasses on. If you do that, you are just asking for trouble, and you should not be surprised when your glasses fall off and break.

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Nonetheless, when you are not wearing your glasses, they need to be in a case. This case will ideally protect your glasses from a fall, from people sitting on them and other similar occurrences. Glasses should come with cases, and you should absolutely use them to your advantage. What do you have to lose?

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