Times When Your Smartphone Comes Up In The Clutch


Cell phones are glorious technological devices. They truly are one of the best inventions on the face of the planet, yet here we are, taking them for granted every single day.

If it weren’t for our smartphones, we wouldn’t be able to get out of binds as easily, and we wouldn’t essentially have a mini-computer on us at all times of the day. Just to further the value of a smartphone, we are about to unleash some times when smartphones comes up in the clutch.

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Times When Your Smartphone Comes Up In The Clutch

  • When You Need Directions Somewhere
  • When You Are Bored Out Of Your Mind And Need Some Entertainment
  • When You Need To Make A Phone Call
  • When You Need To Look Something Up
  • When You Need To Write Something Down
  • When You Need Your Phone To Be A Computer

When You Need Directions Somewhere

Gone are the days of opening up a giant map and trying to figure out where you are in the world/country/state. Gone are the days of looking up directions online and then trying to find a printer to print them off. Here are the days of typing an address, or landmark, in your phone and letting your smartphone do all of the work.

If you have a smartphone in this day and age, then it is tough to get lost. Heck, the map apps on our phones even give us the fastest routes, which is yet another thing we tend to take for granted.

When you need directions, no matter where you are, or wherever you are trying to go, your smartphone has your back. How cool is that?


When You Are Bored Out Of Your Mind And Need Some Entertainment

How many times have you been in a waiting room and found yourself bored out of your mind? It doesn’t even have to be a waiting room. It could simply be a time when you found yourself bored, in search of something to do.

Your phone, that beautiful, beautiful technology, can save the day every time. After all, you can play an unlimited amount of games on your phone, you can listen to music, you can search the internet, you can stay connected on Facebook, you can send Snapchats and we are barely scratching the surface when it comes to the entertainment value of cell phones.

While it is good to disconnect from technology every now and then, your phone will always be there to make boring situations, well, less boring.

When You Need To Make A Phone Call

When you needed to make a phone call back in the day, which was far less than 20 years ago, if you can believe that, you either had to find a payphone (you also need to have change on you as well), go home to make a call or awkwardly ask someone — typically at some sort of establishment/store — if you could use their phone. On top of that, you also either had to (1) remember someone’s number, or (2) have a number already written down on a piece of paper.

Now, your phone is right there, just waiting to be brought into the mix to make a phone call. Also, your smartphone stores all of your contacts, making it virtually a phone book.

When You Need To Look Something Up

If you ever need to look something up, you can just use your phone. Back in the day, which isn’t too far in the past, you had to go to the library, ask a genius or hope your dial-up internet wasn’t on the fritz to look something up/figure out the solution to your problem/question.

Not only will your phone shoot out an answer (thanks to Siri and Google), but it will do so with a snap of the finger/the sound of your voice. Smartphones are unbelievably fast, despite the fact that we tend to yell at them when they take a second longer than we are used to to shoot out info.

Look at this brilliant example: If you need an address to a certain place, and directions, you can simply look it up on your phone and then click “directions.” That’s it! A few years ago, the process of figuring out where you needed to go was much tougher — to say the least.

When You Need To Write Something Down

All smartphones should come with some form of “Notes” section. As a result, if you ever need to write something down, you can, and you don’t even need a pen and piece of paper to do so. While that might sound basic to the core, it makes it possible for smartphone owners to always have a “pen” and “piece of paper” on them.

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When You Need Your Phone To Be A Computer

A smartphone makes it possible for you to have a mini-like computer on you every day. Let’s face it: A smartphone literally is a computer — it can do everything a computer can, after all.

You can search the web on your phone, make business calls (or calls in general, of course), write papers, and, well, anything else your computer can do. When you need a computer, your smartphone will be right there in your pocket, just waiting to be called up.

Smartphones, in every way imaginable, make our lives so much easier. For that, we thank them, and you should, too.

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