5 Things We Take For Granted When It Comes To Our Smartphones


As humans, we take so much for granted. It’s only natural. One of the many things we take for granted is our smartphones, and everything they have to offer.

Sure, we take care of these technological devices for the first couple of weeks (maybe even the first couple of months), but that period tends to wear off. Likewise, we take for granted so many things that smartphones bring to the table. People must remember that cell phones can do so much nowadays. Heck, they are basically computers that we can carry around in our pockets.

When it comes to cell phones, these five things are definitely taken for granted.

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5 Things We Take For Granted When It Comes To Our Smartphones

  • The Entertainment Value
  • The Music Box Factor
  • Who Needs A Map Nowadays?
  • The Camera
  • We Can Stay Connected To The World

The Entertainment ValueSmartphones

Smartphone owners should never be bored. After all, their phones literally bring so much entertainment to the table. There are constantly new apps coming out. If you aren’t a fan of games, then take this into account: You can now watch TV on your phone, with certain subscriptions, of course.

Phones are great gifts, and they make life that much more enjoyable.

The Music Box Factor

Remember the days when you had to carry around a Walkman? Remember the days when you had to carry around two separate devices if you wanted to listen to music and have a phone handy? Heck, remember the days when you had to go to the store if you wanted the hot new album? Those days are long gone.

With smartphones, you now have a media player, if you will, right there on your phone. The best part is the fact that you can download music … right there on your phone. Plus, things like Spotify and Apple Music make it possible for people to download an unlimited amount of music.

Who Needs A Map Nowadays?

If you have ever used a map on a long road trip (or any trip, for that matter), then you know how painful that experience can be. Nowadays, maps are a thing of the past, and so is buying a GPS system for your car.

Most smartphones have that built into the phone, and it is a very beautiful thing. You know, if you actually want to know how to get to a certain place without having to write down directions or open up that infamous map.

The Camera

Thanks to phones, you basically only need to carry around one device, and that is your phone. People no longer have to carry around media players or cameras. With that said, there are some rather fancy cameras out there, and smartphones can’t even come close to them yet in the picture department.

Nonetheless, if you ever feel like taking a snap or recording a video, you have that option. Said option has not been around for that long, folks.

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We Can Stay Connected To The WorldSmartphones

Smartphones allow people to stay connected to the world. Once again, they are basically like mini-computers. Whether it is social media, the news, a sporting event, the latest trends or whatever it might be, cell phones help you stay connected.

Not to mention, text messaging might seem like it has been around forever, but it hasn’t.

The point of all of this? We take so much for granted. Just imagine how different your life would be if your phone was taken away from you. Therefore, people should stop taking their smartphones for granted and start treating them like royalty.

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Photo Credit to Gavin Whitner, musicoomph.com