How Quick and Easy is Smart Klear?

SmartKlear Electroplated

Cleaning your phone with Smart Klear is quick and easy. But how easy is it to remove fingerprints and bacteria from your cell phone? Just watch!

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Your phone is with you all the time, and goes a lot of places where it can pick up bacteria and other pathogens. Keeping it clean is important. You put it next to your face daily, and you’re touching it constantly.

The bacteria your phone picks up in one place is transferred to your hands then your face. Since you don’t clean your phone as often as you should, you’re just passing that bacteria back and forth. So even if you’ve washed your hands recently, your phone just transferred them back to them as soon as you touch it.

To clean your phone and remove that bacteria you need Smart Klear. It quickly removes bacteria, fingerprints, and smudges. Now you can use your phone without worrying about getting sick from whatever it picked up along the way.