Your Cell Phone Is More Dirty Than You Think, As Bacteria Can Be Found All Over It


Cell phones are seen as technology gurus, devices that hold the keys to so many different things. In this day and age, phones go way beyond calling and texting, and the smartphone versions of them can basically be considered mini-computers. Phone users might be surprised by the fact that these great creations are also littered with bacteria.

Your cell phone is more dirty than you think. How can my cell phone, a thing that is always on me, be dirty, one might be wondering? Well, your smartphone collects bacteria everywhere you go during the day. Sure, you might be washing your hands throughout the day (well, we at least hope you wash your hands multiple times per day), but are you washing your phone? More likely than not, the answer is no.

Is bacteria really that big of an issue? Yes. Yes, it is, especially when there is an overwhelming amount of it. Not only can bacteria bombard our immune systems, but these nasty things can also cause serious facial effects, such as acne.

And remember, there are ways to eliminate bacteria on your cell phone. For instance, smartphone owners can buy the SmartKlear, a device brought to you buy CarbonKlean that not only cleans your phone, but also kills nasty bacteria in the process.Bacteria

Where is my phone collecting all of this bacteria, you might be wondering? To get a better idea of that, we will break down some common areas where your phone tends to get filthy with bacteria.

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Common Areas Where Your Phone Tends To Get Filthy With Bacteria

  • The Bathroom
  • From Other People
  • From Money
  • Basically From Any Place Imaginable

It is important to remember that warmth breeds bacteria, and our phones are constantly in warm places, such as our pockets, our hands and purses/bags. As a result of this, our phones are covered in bacteria. This is a problem because we are constantly on our phones. Sure, you might wash your hands, but they get an overload of bacteria on them the moment you reach into your pocket to take out your phone again.

If you want to be the most healthy version of you, then it’s important that you take small steps to do so. Small steps like having a clean phone at all times. Simply wiping your phone down with your shirt is not good enough. Using MVP technology like the SmartKlear is, however.Bacteria

This might come as a huge shocker to some people, but here it goes anyway: The average smartphone has 20 times more bacteria on it than the average toilet seat in a public restroom. Guess what? You are putting that on your face, and in your hands … over and over again.

A toilet seat in a public restroom is perceived as one of the dirtiest places on the planet, so what does that tell you about your trusty phone?

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Our phones might be capable of so much greatness, and they might be essential to some people’s lives, but they are filthy, filthy creatures. Luckily, there are inventions like the SmartKlear, which, once again, cleans your phone and kills bacteria in the process. Talking about the ultimate twofer.

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