The Downfalls Of Cell Phone Cases

Cell Phone Cases

Phone cases are great in the sense that they protect cell phones, and, well, that is really all they are good for.

Okay, so some cell phone cases have some significant value, there are some cases that look cool, there are some cases that make a phone practically indestructible (OtterBox, anyone?) and there are also cases that make it possible for phones to go under water (although phones in general are now becoming so advanced that they don’t even need a case for that feature), but they are a hassle for the most part.

Now that we have gotten the positives out of the way, let’s look at four downfalls of cell phone cases.

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The Downfalls Of Cell Phone Cases

  • They Take Away From Your Phone’s Looks
  • They Make Putting Your Phone In Your Pocket The Toughest Task Of The Day
  • They Can Actually Lead To Scratches
  • They Don’t Always Save Your Beloved Smartphone From A Drop

They Take Away From Your Phone’s Looks

This is the No. 1 reason why cell phone cases are the worst — they take away from your phone’s amazingCell Phone Cases looks. After buying a device that was a little south of $1,000 (don’t believe us, look here to see how much an iPhone 7 Plus retails for), the last thing you want to do is cover it up with a case, a case that you don’t even like.

Cell phones look amazing nowadays, and phone owners naturally want to show them off. Unfortunately, a case kills that altogether.

They Make Putting Your Phone In Your Pocket The Toughest Task Of The Day

What’s another downfall of cell phone cases? Well, they make putting your phone in your pocket the toughest task of the day. In other words, phone cases make your phone rather bulky. Sure, not everyone has to buy a monster-sized phone, but phones seem to be getting bigger and bigger every single year.

If you own an iPhone 7 Plus, or a phone that is similar in size, and you also put a case on it, then putting it in your pocket is literally a struggle.

Team Anti-Phone Case 1, Team Phone Case 0.

They Can Actually Lead To Scratches

Here’s a major problem with cell phone cases — they can actually lead to scratches appearing on your phone. That is especially the case if you go to the beach, the mountains or experience the outdoors in some fashion. Even if you don’t go to the beach, sand and dirt can still find a way to get in between your case and your phone, and this is where the scratches come into play.

You bought this bulky case that takes away from your phone’s appearance so you can protect it, and then it turns its back on you by letting your phone get harmed. You can’t win!

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Cell Phone CasesThey Don’t Always Save Your Beloved Smartphone From A Drop

This might be the case buyer’s fault for buying a skimpy phone case, but cell phone cases don’t save your phone from every single fall. And that’s the problem with buying a phone case that still allows you to show off your fancy phone.

More likely than not, the screen in general is never protected with just a case alone. After all, many smartphone cases don’t have a screen protector on them. Therefore, if you drop your phone and it hits a sharp edge, the screen could end up shattering (case or not). That’s one of the biggest issues with big screens on cell phones — they break rather easily because they are a good portion of your phone.

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