5 Things You Can Do On Your Phone When You Are On A Plane


Being on a plane could be a long and grueling process … well, if you make it that way, that is. Sure, four-hour plane rides seem to go on forever, but as long as you have your trusty sidekick on you, which is your phone, of course, then said four-hour plane rides will be a breeze.

Needless to say, there are an endless amount of things you can do on your phone, but not having service kind of kills that a bit. Instead of downloading the expensive yet horrible WiFi that is sometimes offered during a flight (for a decent chunk of money, that is), prepare your phone for this journey in the air.

Although there are an endless amount of things to do on your phone, we have provided five awesome things you can do on your phone while you are flying.

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5 Things You Can Do On Your Phone When You Are On A Plane

  • Read
  • Listen To Music/Watch A Movie
  • Play Games
  • Jot Down Your Thoughts
  • Plan


You no longer have to carry a book on you if you want to read. Likewise, you no longer have to have a Kindle, Nook or a tablet of any kind if you plan on knocking out some chapters. In this day and age, you can download the Nook and Kindle app right on your phone, and a digital library comes with that.

However, make sure you purchase and download your books before you activate airplane mode or else this luxury won’t be available to you.

Listen To Music/Watch A Movie

If you have created your playlists beforehand or downloaded a movie, then your flight time could go by in a hurry. Not to mention, it’s always nice to just sit back and relax with music or a movie.

The best part? You can truly relax for an extended period of time because you aren’t driving and you typically have nothing else to do while on a plane. Of course, some people skip the entertainment altogether and decide to do work on a plane instead.

Play Games

There are an endless amount of games you can download on your phone. If life is getting in the way of you going into gamer mode, then there is no better time to enjoy phone games than when you are way up in the air. Once again, make sure you have downloaded your favorites before the flight takes off because service is not an option when your phone is in airplane mode.

Jot Down Your Thoughts

When your worries are temporarily relieved, you are listening to music and you just so happen to be in the process of flying, your thoughts tend to run wild. This is the perfect time to jot them all down. Certainly, there is an app on your phone that allows you to do this.

It doesn’t matter if your thoughts consist of you discovering how to knock out a project at work or figuring out how you are going to end your next novel — just write them down. We don’t always have this much free time, if you will, on our hands, so it’s important to take advantage of it.

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Plane time is the perfect time for planning. Plan out your vacation, plan out your work schedule, plan out next week, plan out everything. There are note-like apps on your phone for a reason, and the calendar app is accessible even if you don’t get service. Therefore, you can plan out your schedule on a note-like app and then add it to your calendar while you are flying.

While there is nothing wrong in just sitting and relaxing on a plane, this time might be the best chance you get for a while when it comes to making a perfect schedule and planning out special events that are coming up.

There are so many different things we can do on our phones, wouldn’t you say?

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