The Ultimate Do’s And Don’ts When It Comes To Sunglasses


Just like with anything in life, there are do’s and don’ts when it comes to wearing sunglasses. Heck, when you don’t follow proper sunglasses etiquette, you could come off as rude, but more about that later.

There are just certain things you should do when it comes to sunglasses, and there are certain things you shouldn’t do. For example, you shouldn’t buy frames that all of your friends have if they don’t match your face shape. Once again, we will discuss that in greater detail later.

For the purposes of this article, we came up with three do’s and one don’t. Follow them to a tee.

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The Ultimate Do’s And Don’ts When It Comes To Sunglasses

  • Actually Clean Them
  • Actually Take Care Of Them
  • Don’t Wear Sunglasses In Places You Aren’t Supposed To Wear Them
  • Pick Shades That Match Your Face (And Personality)

Actually Clean ThemSunglasses

What’s the point in having a $150 pair of shades when they are covered in fingerprints or smudges? Not only does this look bad, but you likely can’t see out of them clearly. Of course, the ultimate reason why people buy sunglasses is to protect their eyes from the sun, so at least that is being achieved, clean lenses or not.

A great way to keep your sunglasses clean, especially the lenses, is by buying products that are — in every sense of the word — otherworldly. Let’s go into a little more detail about that concept.

For instance, CarbonKlean provides a great product for sunglasses, eyeglasses and reading glasses known as Peeps, which “uses our unique invisible carbon cleaning compound to safely and easily clean your glasses from oily fingerprint smudges to dust and facial oils.” Other materials, such as your shirt or a napkin, can actually scratch your lenses. Not to mention, they aren’t very effective.

Actually Take Care Of Them

Here’s a thought: If you are going to drop a boatload of money on a pair of sunglasses, why not take care of them? Not only does that include cleaning them frequently, but that also involves basic practices like not putting them on your head or hanging them on your shirt. Putting them on your head could lead to the screws coming loose, which could lead to your glasses easily falling off of your head (or shirt) in the future. Not to mention, this could actually damage your frames.

Treat your sunglasses like they are an important part of your life — because they are. Shades are literally protecting your eyes from the sun, and the importance of that is significant — to say the least.

Also, would you place your sunglasses on your head for a business meeting? We sure hope not.

Don’t Wear Sunglasses In Places You Aren’t Supposed To Wear Them

Not only is this not proper etiquette, but it can be dangerous. Yes, wearing sunglasses at night or inside might seem like the cool thing to do, but is it also cool to impair your vision on purpose?

If sunglasses block out light during the day, just imagine what they can do at night. This might be a stylish look, but it’s also dangerous to walk around with sunglasses at night — because you won’t be able to see.

Sunglasses were made for protecting your eyes when you are outside (or in the sun), and that is exactly how they should be used. Sure, shades can be a fashion statement, but wearing them at a place you are not supposed to be wearing them, such as indoors, does not have fashion written all over it. In fact, some people might even think it is disrespectful.

With that said, some people have to wear sunglasses all of the time because of medical issues, and that is completely understandable.

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Pick Shades That Match Your Face (And Personality)Sunglasses

Okay, now it’s time to touch on this concept again. Not only would it look bad to pick a set of frames that don’t match the shape of your face, but you will likely have to live with that for quite some time (because shades can get very pricey, and not everyone can afford a new pair every couple of months).

Just like with eyeglasses, sunglasses come in many different shapes and sizes, which means one pair might look good on you, but bad on another person. In the grand scheme of things, you are the one who has to wear the sunglasses, so the choice is 100 percent up to you. With that said, when it comes to sunglasses etiquette, it is best to go with a pair that matches your face shape.

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