Basic Yet Effective Ways To Keep Your Phone Protected


While phone companies are coming out with plans that allow customers to upgrade their cell phones rather frequently, that does not take away from the fact that smartphones are still a huge investment.

After all, there are many smartphones that have the same retail price as a computer. Don’t believe us? Well, let’s look at the facts. According to, a MacBook Air’s price starts at $899.99. That might seem like a ton of money to spend on technology, and that’s because it is. However, if you paid retail price for an iPhone 7, it would cost you $699.99. Just in case you don’t have a calculator handy, that’s only a $200 difference.

Now, if you want to get the ultimate iPhone experience and go with the iPhone 7 Plus, it’s going to cost you (if you pay the retail price, of course) $869.99. If you don’t like being tied down by contracts, your fancy iPhone 7 Plus is essentially going to be the same price as a MacBook Air.

Some people might be saying, well, that’s just Apple products. To those people, we say this: A Samsung Galaxy S7’s retail price is $694.99 while a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 retails for $879.99.

The point of all of this? Smartphones cost a lot of money, so it’s important to protect them, and there are plenty of ways to do just that.

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Basic Yet Effective Ways To Keep Your Phone Protected

  • Keep The Screen Clean
  • Use A Case
  • Be Cautious Of Your Surroundings
  • Beware Of The Summer

Keep The Screen CleanPhone

A clean screen is not only for looks. A clean screen also keeps the phone protected from nasty scratches. For instance, let’s say you spend a day at the beach and get sand on your phone. If you just use the closest thing around you to wipe off your screen — which is typically a shirt — there is a chance that the sand actually scratches your screen. A fun day at the beach could turn into a much longer period of your phone having a nasty scratch on it.

Why else should people keep their phone screens clean? Well, because they are literally crawling with bacteria. People take their phones with them everywhere they go. This includes a bathroom, which is crawling with bacteria and is considered one of the dirtiest places on the planet. You might wash your hands after a trip to the bathroom, but did you wash your smartphone as well? If not, and if you were using your smartphone while in the bathroom, there is a good chance that it is — you guessed it — crawling with bacteria.

There are ways to kill the bacteria that your phone collects, and CarbonKlean is the answer.

Use A Case

Smartphones are very stylish creatures. Unfortunately, one drop could lead to your pricey smartphone cracking. That’s why they make cases. Yes, cases give your phone that bulky feel and look, and not everyone likes that, but they typically do their job when your phone hits the ground. Some phones are impossible to fit into your pocket even without a case. However, there are plenty of phones that are actually very slippery without a case, which makes them that much easier to drop.

Everyone thinks they are the best phone owner until they drop their smartphone. Whether it resulted from you taking your phone out of your pocket, you forgetting that your phone was on your lap when you got up, someone bumping into you or whatever the situation might be, the act of dropping a phone happens to everyone.

Just remember, cases might take away from the actual appearance of your phone, but they also protect them from nasty drops.

Be Cautious Of Your Surroundings

Everyone thinks their smartphones are invincible … until they break. You might have faith in yourself, but you still need to be cautious of your surroundings. Are there children playing around your smartphone? Can the dog who loves chewing on things get to your phone easily? Are you working on the yard while your phone is in your pocket? Is your smartphone safely stored away while you are shooting hoops at the gym? Is there anything around that could crush your phone in an instant?

Just be cautious of your surroundings, folks. The next time you take your phone to the bathroom or near a pool, don’t forget that your phone’s life could end in a heartbeat if it falls into the water.

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Beware Of The SummerPhone

This point is not only for the summer, but heat in general. Here’s the deal, people are more likely to be around a pool (or the ocean) during the summer than the winter. While you might want to take snaps of yourself at the pool, that might not be the safest option. Not to mention, when you do finally put your phone down, the heat is going to beat down on it.

Of course, you could always buy a waterproof case, or you could always leave your phone at home while you enjoy the summer and interacting with people.

In terms of the heat, just keep your phone out of the sun. If you can find shade, keep your phone in said shade. And whatever you do, don’t leave your phone in the car when the temperatures are really out of control.

If you want to go the extra mile, then you can purchase insurance for your smartphone. Considering how high the figures can get (remember, an iPhone 7 retails for $699.99), buying insurance for your smartphone is never a bad idea.

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