3 Keys To Protecting Your Sunglasses


Are you properly protecting your sunglasses at all times of the day? If not, why? Not only do sunglasses cost a pretty penny, but they are essential when it comes to protecting your eyes from the sun.

Therefore, it should be a no-brainer to protect your sunglasses, and at first you might. Over time, though, people stop caring as much for their materialistic goods. That’s the crazy thing. People will spend more than $100 on sunglasses (sometimes more than $200), take decent care of them for a couple of weeks and then start treating them like they are a pair of $10 sunglasses in no time.

The key is to build good habits from the start. In other words, if you take good care of your sunglasses the moment you get them, you are more likely to follow that trend forever. In the spirit of that thinking, when you first purchase your new pair of shades, make sure you are following the three keys below.

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3 Keys To Protecting Your Sunglasses

  • Don’t Hang Them On Your Shirt Or Place Them On Your Head
  • Actually Take Proper Care Of The Lenses
  • Don’t Set Them On The Table While You Are Eating

Don’t Hang Them On Your Shirt Or Place Them On Your HeadSunglasses

And people wonder why their sunglasses are always breaking.

While it might look cool to hang your sunglasses on your shirt or place them on your head, those are not the best options when it comes to getting the most life out of your shades. After all, when you hang your sunglasses on your shirt, they can simply fall off, especially if the screws are loose, which could be a result of you placing them on your head. If a screw is loose, then the hinge likely isn’t that sturdy, which means the temple could be flopping all over the place.

Even if a screw isn’t loose, your sunglasses can easily fall off when you are bending over to pick something up, or they can get caught on something. Heck, you could even break your glasses by hugging someone.

Now, going back to the screws being loose, this is the result of you placing your sunglasses on your head. This is, in a sense, stretching out your frames, which could literally lead to the screws coming loose.

Instead of hanging them on your shirt or placing them on your head, why not try putting them in the fancy case that came with them? After all, this fancy case is one of the best ways to protect your sunglasses when you aren’t actually using them.

Actually Take Proper Care Of The Lenses

Here’s a thought, maybe people should actually take care of their lenses. So the next time your glasses have smudges, fingerprints, sand, dirt or whatever it might be on them, try using proper cleaning utensils instead of the closest thing around, which is typically your shirt.

CarbonKlean has you covered in that department, and you can find out more here.

By using proper cleaning tools, you are taking away the risk of scratching your lenses when you rub the sand/dirt around while trying to clean them.

While sunglasses are all about style, making the frames a very important part, it is the lenses that are actually protecting your eyes from the sun, and it is the lenses you are actually looking out of. The moment you scratch said lenses, well, the moment your vision becomes impaired.

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Don’t Set Them On The Table While You Are EatingSunglasses

It might be convenient to set your glasses on the table while you are eating, but this trick should be avoided at all costs — well, unless you like to live life on the wild side. Unless you plan on spilling food, drinks or whatever it might be on your glasses, then simply put them in a case while you are not using them — don’t place them on the table.

Believe it or not, things like a plate, fork, knife and glass can actually crush your frames and/or lenses if dropped hard enough on them. Guess what? All of those things are typically around when you are eating.

Mistakes happen in life. For instance, your server could end up dropping a hot bowl of tomato soup on your glasses (or phone), which could result in your glasses (or phone, of course) breaking. While most people like to think that things like that don’t happen to them, those types of mistakes happen all of the time.

Once again, don’t be afraid to use the case that came with your sunglasses. It is literally there to help protect them.

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