5 Basic Yet Useful Things On Your Smartphone


Do you remember what life used to be like when you didn’t have a smartphone? Heck, do you remember life without a cell phone? Although face-to-face communication might have been more popular during that time (or that is at least what the naysayers would claim), smartphones make life so much easier — and better.

Unfortunately, we take our smartphones, and all of the wonderful things they provide, for granted, which is why we have compiled a list of five basic yet useful things on your smartphone. When going over these five things, try to think how different your life would be without them right there on your phone.

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5 Basic Yet Useful Things On Your Smartphone

  • Flashlight
  • Calculator
  • The Camera
  • An Address Book
  • Music Player


Having a flashlight on your phone is perhaps one of the more clutch additions to phones. Not only does this come in handy in the off chance that the power goes out in your house, but it is also key for when it is night, the lights are out and you are trying to make your way over to your bed.

Also, if you have ever dropped your keys while trying to open up your door at night, then you know how painful of a process that can be — because it’s so dark outside. With a flashlight right there on your phone, the nightlife becomes that much easier to navigate.


Thanks to a calculator, things like figuring out a tip at a restaurant has become that much easier. Do you remember trying to figure out the tip before the phone calculator? What a nightmare. Here’s the thing: If you didn’t have a calculator on your phone, then you would have to technically carry around another device (a calculator) to figure out basic math problems. Or, you could be really good at math.

Nonetheless, this is yet another device that has been added to your phone, which means it is yet another device that you don’t have to have on you at all times of the day.

The Camera

Okay, so there are still plenty of people who carry around nice cameras, but smartphone cameras are becoming more and more advanced by the day. The quality of the pictures are breathtaking. Not to mention, phone cameras can also take videos. But wait, there’s more! You can now edit pictures right there on your phone.

Once again, as smartphone cameras become more and more advanced, more and more people have stopped carrying actual cameras around.

An Address Book

If it weren’t for cell phones, we would have to remember every single phone number, or simply write them down on a piece of paper. The crazy thing about this concept is the fact that while address books are pretty standard — and expected — when it comes to cell phones, they haven’t been around forever.

Gone are the days of remembering phone numbers thanks to smartphones incorporating address books. This is definitely a feature that is overlooked, but one we would be lost without.

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Music PlayerSmartphone

Remember when you had to carry around a Walkman? Perhaps you don’t remember those days but you do remember having to carry around an MP3 player. Perhaps you are too young for that, but you do remember owning an iPod.

Now that smartphones have iTunes (for Apple users, of course) and apps like Spotify on them, things like iPods — and music players in general — are pointless. Yes, people still buy iPods for many different reasons, such as saving storage on their phones, but smartphones have music players on them regardless. Once again, thanks to this fact, we now have one less device we have to carry around, and this is huge when it comes to road trips, going on a run, going to the gym, etc.

Thanks to music players on our phones, we can now download songs and then listen to them in seconds. That’s right, we no longer have to go to the store, buy a CD, download the CD on our computers and then move it onto our media players. That option is still available, but it isn’t necessary.

These are definitely five basic yet useful things that people take for granted. Just imagine how different your life would be if your smartphone didn’t have a flashlight, calculator, camera, address book or music player on it. Needless to say, life would be just a little less manageable.

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