What You Should Do If You Get Water On Your Phone


Your day is going along smoothly, everything is looking up for you and then the worst possible thing happens… You spill water on your phone. You immediately panic because everything is saved on your phone. Contacts, work-related things, games, apps — you name it. Is there a way to save your phone from this nightmare? Does the rice trick actually work? Should you remove the battery immediately?

When you spill water on your phone, your heart literally stops, and your mind starts to run wild. While not every phone can be saved from the beautiful gift that is water, it’s possible to save your phone.

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What You Should Do If You Get Water On Your Phone

First things first, you need to turn your phone off immediately — well, after you have taken it out of the water and dried it off, of course. Next, you need to take your phone apart, remove the battery, remove the SIM card and remove the SD card. Note: If you have an iPhone, then the only thing you can remove is the SIM card.

If you’ve heard of the hair dryer technique (aka trying to dry your phone with a hair dryer),Phone then erase that trick from your brain because that method will only damage your smartphone.

After that, well, the rice trick comes into play.

Put your phone in a container of uncooked rice. This method is amazing for a couple of different reasons: (1) Rice is a common item found in the kitchen (we aren’t talking about some rare superfood here). (2) Rice is rather cheap, so you don’t have to sweat the fact that you are about to waste some in hopes of saving your phone.

Why does this rice trick work? It helps to pull the moisture out (it absorbs the water). The next step might be the most miserable step of them all…

You need to keep your phone in the rice for a day or so. Some websites claim that you should keep your loyal phone in rice for up to three days. This means no Facebook, no texting, no browsing the internet and no making calls on your phone for what will probably feel like an eternity. But you will make it, especially if your phone isn’t deemed useless.

After this agonizing time without your phone, try to power it up (you may need to charge it first). If it turns on and everything is back to normal, then consider yourself lucky. If not, then, well, you probably need a new phone.

I have personally used this method twice. One time it worked, and the other time it didn’t. Those aren’t horrible odds.

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To avoid this problem in the future, you can buy a waterproof case.

Dropping your smartphone in water is one of the worst feelings in the world, but hopefully the rice method can save you from this nightmare. Luckily, more and more phones are becoming water-resistant.

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