Why You Need To Protect Your Cell Phone From Harm’s Way


When people first buy a cell phone, they treat it like royalty. They clean the screen all the time, they put a case on it, they are extra careful when it comes to dropping it and the list of great habits could go on and on. Over time, people stop treating their phones like royalty. We are here to say this: You need to protect your cell phone from harm’s way, whether it is brand new or two years old.

Here are three great reasons to protect the investment that is your phone.

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Why You Need To Protect Your Cell Phone From Harm’s Way

  • Phones Are Expensive
  • Phones Hold All Of Your Information
  • Phones Are Bacteria Holders

Phones Are ExpensivePhone

Cell phones — especially the smartphone versions of them — are not cheap. That is especially the case if you buy a phone at retail price, or even if you don’t get a plan that allows you to make monthly payments over the course of two years (this sort of plan is becoming more and more popular).

If you break your phone and you don’t have a warranty, well, then, you might be stuck with a broken phone until you are eligible for an upgrade. The broken screen look is a bad look. That’s why they made screen protectors and cases, though — use them to your advantage.

Phones Hold All Of Your Information

Why should you protect your cell phone from harm’s way? Well, because cell phones hold all of your information nowadays. A phone is so much more than just an address book nowadays. With that said, could you imagine losing all of your numbers? We are living in a day and age where people no longer remember numbers.

From notes to contacts to other important information, cell phones are more than just, well, phones. Thanks to all of the apps, smartphones have become music players, GPS systems and the most important thing in many people’s lives.

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Phones Are Bacteria HoldersPhone

This is a little different than the other two points already made, but it is still very important when it comes to protecting your phone from harm’s way. This point deals with keeping your smartphone clean.

As a result of taking your phone everywhere you go (yes, even the bathroom), and never cleaning it, your precious smartphone is crawling with bacteria. You might be washing your hands over and over throughout the day, but when are you washing your phone? More likely than not, the answer to that question is never.

A clean phone leads to a healthy life, a life that is filled with less bacteria.

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